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Example Bill


A -- The years kWh usage for the main Residential Account for that Service Location B -- The meter number for the main




C -- Service Address
D -- Your account number.
E -- The number of security lights and the amount charged.
F -- The numbers of days in current billing.
G -- Your rate type.
H -- The multiplier for the meter.
I -- Your previous reading.
J -- The dates of service for current bill.
K -- Your present reading.
L -- The actual kWh used.
M -- The Power Cost Adjustment - This is the fuel charge from the power supplier which is passed through to members.

N -- The kWh used 1 year ago - This allows you to compared
this months kWh to last years kWh during the same time period.
O -- Energy Charge
P -- Facilities Charge - to partially offset cost of providing service to a location.
Q -- Totals - Total each line across and then down to get ending totals.
R -- Meter Number
S -- Power Cost Adjustment Factor - this is multiplied by the kWh used to get the Power Cost Adjustment charge.
T -- Demand Charge - when applicable - is normally a commercial account.

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